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One of the first demonstrations against President François Hollande saw few thousands march peacefully against the strict austerity measures unveiled by the Socialist government. France is the worlds’s fifth-largest economy, with subsided borrowing costs and a continuing modest household debt. Furthermore, a high birth rate coupled up with per hour worked, make French employees rather… » read more

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Forced marriages are rife in Britain and by 2013 it could possibly become a criminal act to marry an individual against their will. In order to prevent forced marriages from occurring in the country it is important to educate British society about negative impacts the situation has on the young person, from health to educational… » read more

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Royal Wedding in Luxembourg

Crown Prince Guillaume’s wedding to the Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, on the 20th of October, has been one of the grandest affair in Luxembourg for decades. Royalty from across Europe, and royal subjects, attended a service at Notre Dame Cathedral, a day after the couple married in a civil ceremony. A pop concert and… » read more

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