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Putin in India

President Vladimir Putin has signed £1.8bn of new defence deals on his first official trip to India since being re-elected at the Kremlin. Embarking on the trip expressing his desire to increase bilateral trade between the two nations, he held talks with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about national security in Afghanistan.

India has reinforced the military contracts signed with the nation in 2000-2010 which envisaged supplies of many fighter jets, missiles, tanks and other weapons, with substantial numbers produced in India. Moscow has been one of Delhi’s predominant weapons supplier since the Cold War.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, bilateral ties were significantly relaxed, reinvigorating again with Putin in power from 2000. Trade between the two nations is an estimated £6bn a year and has been steadily growing. Over the years, the pacts have seen cooperation on manufacturing an advanced fighter plane, a new transport aircraft and a supersonic cruise missile for the Indian Navy.

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