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Royal Wedding in Luxembourg

Crown Prince Guillaume’s wedding to the Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, on the 20th of October, has been one of the grandest affair in Luxembourg for decades. Royalty from across Europe, and royal subjects, attended a service at Notre Dame Cathedral, a day after the couple married in a civil ceremony. A pop concert and celebratory fireworks followed later on in the day to commemorate the wedding.

Around the Grand Duchy, limited-edition champagne, chocolates, china, postcards and pins of the couple’s official engagement photo, have been on display across shop windows in the lead up to the ceremony. Red, white and blue colours deck the cathedral and the town hall, with Luxembourg City Tourist Office joining in the festivities by organising a three-day wedding themed tour for royalty fans.

Royal gliteratti completed the guest list, with distinguished additions in the form of the King and Queen of Norway, the Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan, Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath of Jordan, as well as Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex.

The 30-year old prince is the first in line to the throne, and his marriage to the 28-year old Countess, a member of Belgian nobility, fluent in French, German, and Russian, and a graduate of the Catholic University, Belgium, is seen as mildly controversial over the decision to grant her Luxembourg citizenship. The pair had been dating since 2009.

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