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“Inspire a generation”

The unofficial tagline behind London 2012 was inspire a generation. Lord Coe and former Prime Minister Tony Blair supported London’s bid to host the Olympics, stating that a British Games in modern times would spring new life into the sporting culture in Britain. With a £9.3bn dent in public spending to host the Games, is the price here really worth the product ?

There is increasing likelihood that in a few years time London 2012 is going to be looked upon as having been a very expensive sporting event. In 2010, Michael Gove was heavily criticised when he cut the £162m funding of school sport partnerships. In addition, the huge funding behind the Olympics has cut the funding available for ancient and underfunded sporting facilities across the nation.

Hugh Robertson, the sports minister, has stated that Sport England will be investing £1bn over the next four years, from 2013-2017 but highlighted that increased participation because of the Olympics was doubtful.

The games, along with the summer, have gone but there is no plan in the works yet, that would help the government to capitalise on the post-Olympic madness that is still widely active.

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